Tully Graphics: Cliff Mass, "The Weather of the Pacific Northwest"

Two years in preparation, "The Weather of the Pacific Northwest" by Cliff Mass and published by the University of Washington Press, arrived on the shelves November, 2008.
This marvelous book lucidly explains for the layperson the hows and whys of our crazy Northwest weather. It is a visual treat, overflowing with graphics and historic photographs.
Tully Graphics contributed about 35 credited illustrations.

"What a beautiful job you did on the illustrations... a great contribution to the reader's understanding!"
- Jeff Renner, Chief Meteorologist, KING 5 TV Seattle



Click on the book link to go to the UW Press page (opens in new window or tab). Also available at Amazon.

For larger samples of illustrations, click on the images to the right (open in new windows or tabs).

(images courtesy UW Press)

Professor Mass maintains a lively blog
with weather forecast and commentary here:
Cliff Mass Weather Blog

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