Tully Graphics: Identity Creation

In the age of branding, even scientific organizations and field experiments have better success with a visual identity.
Below are some examples.

"It should be blue and
green and have an
ozone molecule."

The original artwork was scanned
from a napkin sketch.

"It should make use of the hurricane warning symbol."
[This field experiment flew in Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ophelia as they were occurring.]

"It needs to convey pollution on a global scale.
And also has to please 15 scientists."

"It can be very simple."

"You've got half an hour!"

"It should convey deposition."

"It should represent hurricanes, surface interactions, and deep currents."

"It should be warm
and friendly."

"It needs to show region, ocean, clouds, waves, dates, and project name... and make 30 scientists from different disciplines happy...

...and we need one in Dhivehi too!"

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