Tully Graphics: Copywriting & Editing

Wordsmithing services offered include:
  • Copyediting: work with client, creating clean, succinct content for the graceful expression of ideas and information
  • Manuscript review: subtle improvements to scientific papers headed for peer review
  • Ghostwriting: transcription and expansion of talks and lectures
  • E2L: English-as-a-second-language editing, for better flow and readability

"Beth's technical editing of science manuscripts is invaluable. In addition to catching and correcting all the punctuation, tenses, usage, and cross references, she typically suggests slight and subtle changes of wording that improve the flow of the text without altering the science. All corrections are done visibly with concurrence of the authors."

-- Prof. Robert A. Houze, Jr., PhD, Atmospheric Sciences

"Beth's editorial capabilities go beyond correcting for grammar and flow: She is both intelligent and enthusiastic enough to take a fairly disjointed set of information and weave it into both a high quality and engaging piece of writing. Scientists have a terrible problem with getting bogged down in details and not knowing how to write to an audience of non-scientists. Beth works magic with bridging that gap."

-- Sarah Doherty, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences


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